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Library Rules
  • The library will remain open during college hours.

  • Books lending hour 10.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Each student can issue one book (2 books for 5th and 6th Sem only) for 15 days. A fine of Re 1 will be charged per day for delay. If the due falls on a holiday books will be received and issued on the next working day. However students can reissue the same books for next 15 days.

  • Before leaving the lending counter student must verify the condition of the books and report, otherwise he/she will liable for the book.

  • Book lost, cutting, marking on pages or damaged any other way shall be replaced by the users.

  • Reference books, question papers, syllabus can be taken for the day by submitting reference card and own book.

  • Complete disciplines and silence should be maintained in the library.

  • Students must not handle or take away documents without permission.

  • Loss of cards must be immediately reported to the Librarian.

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