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Under the M.O.U. with Netaji Mahavidyalaya and Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mahavidyapith, many physics lecture sessions have been organized in recent times, including research related discussions as well. Here are some pictures:


Few Recent Journals from Research Collaborations around the Globe:


Doctoral Supervision by College Faculties :

Dr. Dilip Kumar Degar, Associate Professor, Department of Bengali

       Past Doctoral Students - 

                                                      1. Dr. Shyamal Kumar Mondal,

                                                      2. Dr. Krishnapada Das,

                                                      3. Dr. Md. Siddique Hossain.

       Present Doctoral Student -

                                                      1. Mrs. Jayita Seal (Dutta).


#   Dr. Satyaki Kar, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

          Present Doctoral Students -

                                                      1. Mr. Bhaskar Pandit,

                                                      2.  Mr. Surajit Mandal.

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