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    Mission: Study from Home during Corona Lockdown

      Dear Collegues and Students,

            Hope you are well and maintaining ‘Social Distancing’ and other preventive measures during lockdown period to fight Corona Virus (COVID-19) and staying at home. Much before the notice for initiating ‘online teaching’ served by the Higher Education Department and the Affiliating University (B.U.), we have taken initiative for online teaching on 22-03-2020 and the same has been started on and from 25-03-2020. At present most of our teachers are Imparting lessons to the students in online mode.          

                              Teacher friends are requested to upload the lessons in college website in PDF format or send the Video/Audio demonstration through Whats app or arrange Audio/Video conferencing for the same, if possible. They can also do the job through Google Plus, Google Classroom, Google Chrome, You Tube, Zoom link etc. Those who have not yet started online education are requested to start the same through suitable online modes. They are also advised to inform the students about time slots for online interaction through Whats app groups and keep all records of the same.

                        All our students of different subjects are hereby advised to contact their HODs and other teachers and inform their necessities and problems regarding completion of their syllabi. Those who do not have contact nos. of teachers are advised to visit our college website ( and collect the contact nos. of their teachers. They can download the study materials from college website or Whats app groups and listen to the audio/video demonstrations as available.

                                We hope that your sincere endeavour and participation will bring success to our objective of accessing E-learning during this serious phase of lockdown.

                                                     Good wishes for everyone. Thank you all.


                                                                                                                                   Dr. Paramartha Ghosh        



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