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Vision & Mission

The Vision of the College

1. To become a centre of academic excellence promoting traditional and interdisciplinary higher studies as well as research.
2. To empower students hailing from the backward sections of the society.
3. To enhance the employability of our students.
4. To instill human, moral and ethical values in young learners, ensuring their holistic development.
5. To mould our students into ideal human beings and ideal citizens of our country.

The Mission of the College

1. To ensure that students and staff get an ideal ambience conducive to learning and research.
2. To make learning affordable for all by making concessions for the students hailing from marginalized sections of the society.
3. To enhance the communication skills of young learners through add-on courses.
4. To ensure the steady development of students through continuous assessment, remedial coaching and tutorial classes.
5. To inculcate discipline, regularity and punctuality in students.
6. To enable our students to succeed in the academic and professional domains through proper guidance and training.

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